Mainframe Engineer/Developer

at Sigman & Summerfield Associates, Inc.
Location New Carrollton, MD
Date Posted December 3, 2020
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


  • The candidate SHOULD possess client Consulting skills with World-wide Best Practices in a complex and mission critical heterogeneous data center environment and MUST exhibit mastery of the following hard skills in a data center automation context (Unisys Dorado mainframe, Microsoft Windows, and Linux environment):
  • Deep understanding of global Best Practices for complex data center automation tools
  • Expert knowledge in object-oriented data center configuration (class/attribute methodologies, Topology creation, Event Report construction/processing, etc).
  • Practical knowledge of External Application Launch and Alert Policy usage, configuration, and advanced techniques (email/text messaging, audible output, SNMP Trap generation, etc triggered in response to raised/acknowledged/cleared alerts, for instance).
  • In-depth coding experience with command console messages and log file parsing: long-term management requires advanced techniques in code development and structure.
  • An expert-level use of the ADBM and Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Advanced knowledge of the C# language, Linux shell script, and VB Script.
  • Requirement for Disaster Recovery (DR) Automation Ability:
    • Integrate multiple point products, in order to effectively drive high-level dashboard monitoring displays with a range of exception data.
    • A deep understanding of all automation tool’s open interfaces (APIs, Pipe, and automation language entry points, such as the ME Event Report)
    • The ability to write C# code to connect these low-level interfaces to the data center automation tools.
  • Additional C# skills that allow for client-oriented User Interface (UI) creation.
  • The ability to develop and maintain hardware device expectance source code to meet evolving client needs with the flexibility for modification required to meet high-level and low-level client requirements.

The applicant must also exhibit the following soft skills alongside the above hard skills:

  • Capacity to perform gap analysis, in order to bridge functionality voids between point products.
  • Broad understanding of multiple product's strengths and weaknesses, so as to position products effectively in response to client requirements.
  • Capability to communicate effectively with the client, Unisys, and SAIC management. This implies excellent verbal/written communications skills, presentation creation/delivery abilities, and the commitment to follow through on promised deliverables. 
  • Formal training experience, from material creation to delivery, in a dynamic, workshop-oriented venue. Training and mentoring of other team members in order to ensure a backup/fall back mechanism or any other responsibilities assigned by the Leadership team on an as needed basis.
  • Ability to invent new automation solutions (such as metrics to track automation progress) and communication skills to present/enthuse the client with regard to future possibilities.