Mainframe Developer (COBOL-DB2)

at Metasys Technologies, Inc.
Published September 17, 2023
Location Mahwah, NJ
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Job Type Full-time  


Title: Mainframe Developer

Duration: 12+ Month Contract

Location: Mahwah, NJ

Job Summary:

  • Support Corporate Mainframe Applications and Legacy Systems.
  • Role: Mainframe Programming Analyst.
  • Participate in full systems life cycle management, including analysis, design, coding, testing, and implementation.
  • Contribute to component and data architecture design, technology planning, and testing for Applications Development (AD) initiatives.
  • Collaborate with teams, support emerging technologies, and provide knowledge for applications development, integration, and maintenance.
  • Input to department and project teams for decision-making.

Mandatory Skills:

  • Cobol: The candidate should have 9-10 years of experience in Cobol programming, including proficiency in Cobol language and its associated development tools and techniques.
  • CICS (Customer Information Control System): The candidate should possess 9-10 years of expertise in CICS, which is a transaction processing system used for online transaction processing in mainframe applications.
  • DB2 (Database 2): The candidate should have 9-10 years of experience working with DB2, a relational database management system, including knowledge of SQL (Structured Query Language) for database operations.
  • JCL (Job Control Language): The candidate should be highly proficient in JCL with 9-10 years of experience. JCL is used for job control and management of batch processes on mainframes.
  • Cobol Stored Procedures: The candidate should have 9-10 years of experience in Cobol stored procedures, which are used for executing Cobol programs within a database environment.